Watson Spoken Healthcare QA

The IBM Watson™ Question Answer (QA) service provides an API that give you the power of the IBM Watson cognitive computing system. With this service, you can connect to Watson, pose questions in natural language, and receive responses that you can use within your application.

In this sample, I've hooked the Watson QA node.js starter project to the Web Speech API speech recognition and speech synthesis APIs. Using these APIs, you can now have a conversation with Watson. Ask any question about healthcare, and see what Watson has to say. Need an idea? Just click the microphone button and ask "What are symptoms of Parkinson's disease?"

Learn more at http://www.tricedesigns.com/2014/11/26/ibm-watson-cognitive-computing-speech-apis/

Try the service

Type or speak a question related to healthcare.
Conditional Questions

  • What is X?
  • What causes X?
  • What is the treatment for X?
  • What are the symptoms of X?
  • Am I at risk of X?

Procedure Questions

  • What should I expect before X?
  • What should I expect after X?

General Health Questions

Action-Related Questions


The Watson API is incredibly powerful, but this sample is using the sample public healthcare data set, which is only trained to answer specific kinds of questions. Check this out to see what a properly trained Watson instance can do for you.

Currently, only Google Chrome supports speech recognition. Either Chrome or Safari support speech synthesis.